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Dave Shaw has been in the pest control industry since 1987.


Since 1987, Dave has obtained three state certifications, as well as a Master Tech Certification.

Dave lives in El Dorado, Kansas with his wife, Melinda. His son Nathan is also a part of Shaws Pest Control with two state certifications and is currently working towards his Master Tech Certification. He lives in Wichita with his wife Lindsay and three children. Dave's daughter Kara works part-time for the company and also has a state certification.

Over the year's countless people have reached out to Shaw's Pest Control as customers with a problem, and now would be considered friends. The main reason these customers turn to Shaw's Pest Control is to solve their pest problem. By doing this, they gain peace of mind that their home is once again safe and comfortable. 

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With 35+ years of experience, several certifications and numerous satisfied customers, Shaws is the clear choice for local pest control.

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