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The most recent comprehensive study found that in every acre of land (with the exception of Alaska) there are approximately 12-15 active termite colonies.


Each colony averages 200,000 members and in total, does about $5 billion in damage each year.

Termites are natures decomposers and are the only insect with the ability to eat and digest cellulose material (complex carbohydrates found in wood).


Termites have an elaborate caste system containing these three members: Worker, Solider and Reproductive.


Termites are subterranean, but may be seen outside of the soil when they take a dispersal flight (swarming) in the Spring.


Shaws Pest Control offers termite inspections for concerned homeowners or prospective home buyers. If an active problem is found, we offer treatment with the newest technology.

Our primary control measure to completely treat a structure for termites is to install the Advance Termite Bait System. As termites forage for food sources, they will consume the active ingredient Novaluron. This is located within the stations that are installed in the soil around the structure. This process suppresses the colony as members die off.

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