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All Natural Repellent.

Aedes and Culex are the most common species found in Kansas. The Aedes is capable of flying a couple hundred yards and tends to bite during the dusk/day. The Culex can fly a couple miles and feeds at dusk/night.

During the heat of the day, mosquitoes will rest in cool, shaded areas with no wind. All species require water to complete life cycle. This water source can be as small as several ounces.

They are able to locate humans from CO2 expelled during respiration, lactic acid in our breath, and body heat and movement. The landscape and topography of a customers yard will determine if it's a good candidate for a chemical treatment, however there are two other options that Shaws Pest can utilize to help in most yards.

Mosquito Beads

Shaws Pest Control utilizes a locally-made product called Mosquito Beads. It's an all natural mosquito repellent, with a proprietary blend of essential oils that can be spread across an area to effectively mask human scents, causing mosquitoes to buzz on by.

Shaws has access to bulk quantities and is able to treat large areas for outdoor activities and events where mosquito control is important.

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In2Care Mosquito Station

The In2Care Mosquito Station attracts and kills mosquitoes with green ingredients that target both larvae and adults. Activity is not limited to the Station itself, but extends to the surrounding area where bioactives are carried to surrounding breeding sites and spread.

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Contact Shaws Pest Control to determine the best solution and mitigate your mosquito problem at your next outdoor event.

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With 35+ years of experience, several certifications and numerous satisfied customers, Shaws is the clear choice for local pest control.

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